ILS Trainer Description

app storeILS Trainer: The virtual ILS approach for in-flight training.

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Are you tired of having to fly to the nearest airport to practice an ILS approach? Tired of having to wait for ATC clearence while burning fuel? Tired of having to go all the way back to the initial approach fix for a new attempt? 

Are you a VFR pilot but want to test your ILS skills, safely?

Then ILS Trainer is for you.

ILS Trainer will create a virtual ILS approach from your actual position to a virtual Touch Down Zone (TDZ) and show you an HSI with CDI and Glideslope for you to follow. The TDZ is defined by the Glide Path and a the Approach Altitude difference or the Approach Distance, generating a virtul TDZ at any altitude. If you want to practice the localizer and/or glide slope interception you can define a lateral and front offset for the approach.

As a real ILS, ILS Trainer will get more sensible as you get closer to the virtual TDZ. CDI and Glideslope deviations are calculated to emulate a real ILS approach considering horizonal and vertical angles. An indicated DA (decision altitude) is shown for you to initiate your Go Arround procedure and check if you were able to keep that needles in place...

So no more waiting to start the approach. Just adjust your desired ILS settings, hit START and you are on your way on the approach. After finishing one practice just hit START again and you will be on the next approach. There is no easier or faster way to practice an ILS approach than ILS Trainer.

Are you a VFR pilot wondering how difficult could it be to follow the CDI and Glideslope of an ILS? Just hit START and find out! No difficult ATC instructions to follow!

And best of all, you can make it as safe as you want! No need to get 200 ft AGL to go arround. Just climb to 5000 feet, set your approach altitude difference to 3000 feet and you will be applying power at a safe altitude of 2200 feet to go arround. You can make it 5000 feet AGL if you want!

DISCLAIMER: This app is for training purpose only. It must be used in Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC) while being alert for air traffic and terrain. Do not use as a real approach aid. The pilot must ensure that the selected settings (Glide Path, Approach Altitude Diff and/or Approach Distance generates a Decision Altiude (DA) that is safely above ground level and that there are no obstacles along the generated approach path.


New Features in version 2.0:

  • Fixed ILSs: create an ILS to any airport!. Set the TDZ lat, lon, alt, approach course and magnetic deviation and you are ready to go...
  • Quick Buttons: store up to 4 fixed ILSs in quick buttons
  • Magnetic Deviation: set the magnetic deviation of your fixed ILS and the app will display the correct (magnetic) course and heading.

For usage information please read the Fixed ILS section in the instructions page.