ARC Trainer Instructions

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  • Distance to Arc: distance from current position to start of arc (for practicing radial-to-arc turn).
  • Arc Radius: radius of the arc in Nautical Miles (virtual vor is created at a distance of Arc Radius + Distance to Arc nautical miles from current position).
  • Arc Length: used to indicate an exit course for practicing Arc-to-Radial turn and interception.
  • Rotation Direction: also used to calculate the exit course (exit course = current course + arc length).
  • Show HSI: if you want to use Course and CDI.
  • Show RMI: if you want to use a RMI (you can choose both if you want).

While flying the arc, in the HSI screen:

  • Swipe on the left screen side to set Course
  • Swipe on the right screen half to set the Heading Bug