ARC Trainer Description

app storeArc Trainer is a real-time flight application for training ARC flying for IFR students or pilots. Arc Trainer is the second app in our trainer series, after ILS Trainer.

The app will create a “virtual VOR-DME” right in front of your current position, based on user settings, and then show a HSI with DME distance for you to fly the arc. By using this app you don’t need to reposition your aircraft (thus burning fuel and money…) to start a new practice, you just reposition the VOR…

HSI 640x960You can choose to have a CDI, RMI or both. By sliding on the screen you can easily change the course and the heading bug. You can set how far from the arc to start so you can practice the radial-to-arc turn and you can also set the arc length, so you can practice the arc-to-radial turn and interception.

Why would you use Arc Trainer?
• If you don’t want to fly to the nearest VOR to practice ARC flying.
• If you want to practice in that cheaper old aircraft that doesn’t have an HSI or RMI.
• If you want to practice with different arc radius without having to reposition your aircraft.

• Set the arc radius, distance to arc, arc length and rotation direction.
• Select to show course CDI, RMI or both.
• Set course and heading bug while flying the arc.

• To set the course slide on the left half of the screen.
• To set the heading bug slide in the right half of the screen.
• Settings are self explanatory. If you need more usage information please visit our webpage.

This app is for real flight training, not for ground training.
You need a GPS enabled device. If you have a Wifi only Ipad without 3G (thus without GPS), you will need an external GPS for this app to work.