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ILS Trainer: The virtual ILS approach for in-flight training.

  • New version 2.0: set an ILSs to your home airport!!

  • Train your ILS skills

  • Don't waste fuel, time and money

  • Practice safely above ground

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ARC Trainer: the cheap way to practice your ARC flying.

  • CDI

  • RMI

  • Course selection

  • Heading bug selection

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Holding Pattern: never again miss the correct holding pattern entry

  • Easy to use:

  • Select radial/course

  • Select heading

  • Select left/right turns

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ILS Trainer Version 2.0 is ready

Yep, version 2.0 of our first iOS app, ILS Trainer, is ready and waiting for review from Apple. It should be rady for download in a couple of days.

In this version you will be able to set 4 ILSs to your favorite place on earth, including any airport.

You just have to set the TDZ latitude, longitude, elevation, course and magnetic deviation and you have an ILS to anywhere.

If you don't know the coordinates of that airport you want to practice in... just try any of these map services.

You have 4 Quick Buttons to store your favorite fixed ILSs. One click and you have the HSI showing you the approach.